Organic Rice Protein 2.05 Lb, Vanilla Blast by Growing Naturals


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Finally Protein for All People. Growing Naturals has harvested the secret of allergen-friendly whole grain brown rice, unleashing all its amazing possibilities, lifelong nutrition, easy applications and natural flavor. The Rice Protein Revolution. Growing Natural’s rice protein supplies all the daily essential amino acids our bodies require but may not be getting from whole foods. It’s the only rice protein to utilize a 90% protein (isolate), thanks to a proprietary chemical-free, raw, sprouted process that extract the naturally occurring plant protein. The result is a complete protein with desired bioavailability, digestibility and satiety but none of the allergens and cholesterol plus less sodium than often found in whey. Helps build lean muscle like whey. Dairy free. Soy free. Gluten free. Deliciously smooth.

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