Rinse-Free Bath Wipe Theraworx Protect Specialty Care Individual Packet Cocamidopropyl Betaine Lave 1 Count by Avadim


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Specialty Care 2 Pack Cloth with Theraworx Protect Advanced Hygiene and Barrier System that is immunnoprotective, microbiome compliant, non-toxic, non-rinse, and safe for mucous membranesUtilizes Theraworx Protect patented immunoprotective formulation that supports and maintains the acid mantle and permeability barrier of the stratum corneum, which supports the skins natural antimicrobial, skin integrity, and barrier functionsProvides a proven, highly efficacious yet non-toxic, non-rinse and total body safe optionThis 2 cloth application is designed to support Theraworx Infection Control Pathways and Protocols for: Pre and post-surgical site prep, false urinary analysis, IAD|MASD, indwelling invasive devices, and UTI prevention patented protocolAllows you to clean, restore, and protect in one step

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