Saline Nasal Gel Soothing Aloe 0.5 oz by Ayr


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Do you have sinus or frequent nosebleeds? A dry nasal cavity can cause nosebleeds. Moisturize and soothe your dry nasal cavity with Ayr’s Saline Nasal Gel that can provide temporary relief in case of colds, allergies, mouth breathing, winter dryness, low humidity, chronic sinusitis. It can also help with dryness due to flying, pregnancy, and oxygen therapy. This Saline Nasal Gel will help with nosebleeds and skin irritation. It is also a long-lasting and non-greasy product. BenefitsNon-medicatedNon-greasyLong lastingProvides temporary relief from symptoms of colds, allergies among othersHelps moisturize and soothe the nasal cavity

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