Wound Irrigation Solution McKesson Puracyn Plus 16.9 oz. Spray Bottle NonSterile Case of 6 by McKesson


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McKesson Puracyn Plus Wound Irrigation SolutionOver-the-counter formula uses the Puracyn Plus technology at a strength appropriate to effectively clean minor cuts, scrapes, sores and abrasions and prepare them to healFeatured Puracyn Plus technology solutions present an alternative to commercial wound care products that are not biocompatible and may prolong the healing processIntended for OTC use in the management of minor skin wounds including minor lacerations, abrasions, irritations, cuts, burns, and intact skin, in addition to moistening and lubricating absorbent wound dressingsStreamlines the process of caring for minor wounds and sores at homePuracyn Plus technology uses an advanced, super-oxygenated, pH-balanced hypochlorous solution to help set the stage for optimal healing conditionsNon-cytotoxic, non-irritating, and wont harm healthy tissueContains no antibiotics or steroidsContains no alcohol or iodineEnvironmentally friendly, no special disposal requiredConvenient, ready-to-use formula requires no mixing or diluting and provided in a trigger spray bottle for easy applicationSupports wound odor reductionEnvironmentally friendly û no special disposal requiredSafe solution ûno known drug/treatment interactions with additional testing demonstrating no oral toxicity or genotoxicityFeatures a long shelf life averaging up to 24 monthsHypochlorous acid (HOCl) used in the PuracynPlus technology is produced by an electrochemical process that generates a pH-balanced solution comprised of hypochlorous acid and its sodium salt, hypochloriteFeatured hypochlorous acid, a known antimicrobial, serves as a preservative to inhibit the growth of a broad range of microorganisms including staphylococcal speciesNot Made with Natural Rubber LatexPackaged: 1 Each, 6 Per Case

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